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Thank you for visiting the official worldwide website of The Happy Murray Foundation .
The completely free, non-profit making Happy Murray Foundation® is under the  patronage of Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, the Patroness of the sick and the unborn. It was founded by Happy Murray (yes, his real name) in 1995 as a direct result of a near fatal road traffic accident.
Happy Murray, an Our Lady of Guadalupe visionary [May 2000], is the founder of N.E.E.M.S®© in Ireland. That stands for Non Emergency and Emergency Medical Services®©. He is also the inventor of the MediCar®©, MediCab®© and owns Ireland's only private independently owned free Air Ambulance Services company Air Ambulance®©. MediCar and MediCab  is Air Ambulance on the ground. Air Ambulance is Medicar and MediCab in the air. They complement each other synergistically and are exclusive to Our Lady of Guadalupe MediCentre.

The Foundation is bringing all this together under the auspices of Our Lady of Guadalupe MediCentre, a privately owned independent aero-medical centre for which FULL PLANNING was granted.
As predicted by Happy at the time, on Friday December 12th 2003 he got a phone call from Frankie Sheridan of Longford County Council to advise FULL PLANNING was granted. The planing certificate is dated 15th.
What happened next is the subject matter of a trilogy of books and movies.
The autobiographical trilogy precursor Victims Victorious ...Being Happy Is being published in 2018 details of which will be available on this website in February 2018.
The Happy Murray Foundation never requests money from the public and it does not fundraise. Air Ambulance®, MediCar® and MediCab® does not fund raise and does not request money from the public.

Our Lady of Guadalupe MediCentre does not fundraise and does not request money from members of the public.
After you have read Happy Murray's timeline on this site, you will appreciate that 2018 will be a year of enlightenment for all of us.

Happy Murray