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under the Patronage of Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe

 Our Lady of Guadalupe MediCentre

The N.E.E.M.S Our Lady of Guadalupe MediCentre was once an integral aspect of the national development plan. That was in 2003.  Now in 2018, The Happy Murray Foundation is about to get to work on it's eventual construction.
Our Lady of Guadalupe MediCentre is a registered and protected Business Name belonging to Dónall `Happy` Murray. The company Our Lady of Guadalupe Limited was closed down due to being a loss-maker in an attempt at fundraising. Prior to the eventual planning application being  granted. Once an integral part of the National Development Plan, the 100% privately Irish owned, managed and operated Our Lady of Guadalupe MediCentre is a N.E.E.M.S comunity based non-emergency and emergency medical facility.

Full panning was granted for this majestic facility that included, but not limited to:

  • 200 beds
  • 19 specialists
  •  MediCar ®©
  • Air Ambulance  ®©
  • a fully operational 24/7  MediHeliPad®©
  • Staff and Visitor car spaces

The  planning application, which is soon to be re-presented, can be viewed on the Longford County Councill website.

If it is one thing that has been learned over the past 15 years it is the fact that there is now an even greater need for N.E.E.M.S and this MediCentre.
To understand the hiatus in the project, plesae read The Happy Murray Timeline on this website.
Nothing sacred can be defeated. It is also hoped to replicate this poject in Machillipatnam in India. The untimely death, by accident,  of the president and ceo of the Indian Charity F.A.C.T. puts plans for this replication on hold.

200 beds, 19 specialists,  MediCar ®©,  Air Ambulance  ®©, fully operational 24/7  MediHeliPad®© and Staff and Visitor car park spaces. God's architecrt Louis M. Peppard is the brains behind the design and succesful planning application.

under the Patronage of Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe
Mother of The Sick and Voice of The Unborn

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