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The Happy Murray Timeline...

The following are extremely condensed highlights.
The year Dónall-Happy Louis David Murray was born

1962 to 1973
Acting on television, radios, movies and on stage, Happy is the busiest and highest paid child actor in Ireland. He features alongside  David G. Meredith in an Emmy Award-wining film and joined him in many stage performances.

1973 to 1977
Applied to become RTE Television’s youngest ever television cameraman. RTE's John Cooke, a great friend of his, advises Happy. He becomes a freelance photographic journalist.

He qualifies as a wine waiter for the original House of Morgan Wines. His mother was a Morgan whose brother John Charles Morgan owned the Red House Inn in Newbridge, County Kildare, Ireland. Happy gets a job at Fitzpatrick's Castle Hotel in South County Dublin, Ireland. Also employed there is a hotel night porter who will become a member of the Irish police force. He becomes Happy's nemesis. But nemeses get defeated. 
In 2010, this Garda will admit in cross-examination in the High Court that he always hated Happy, and always will.
No reason. He just hates him. And wants him 'out'.

Happy loses his job at the hotel. Wonder why. Only in  2010 does he finds out who was behind this.
Works as a pirate DJ.
Pipped at the post for a job on the new Irish commercial
radio station RTE Radio 2.

1979 to 1981
Works at various bar jobs and also works as one of the first ever paid DJ's for a pirate radio station in South County Dublin, Ireland.

Starts working for a publisher.
Promoted to management at publishers.
Happy gets married. Workes for a publishing company owned by the famous golf course architect Pat Ruddy who was introduced to Happy by Happy's father who was Chief Executive Golf Promotions Advisor for Bord Fáilte - the Irish Tourist Board.
Happy is Promoted to Directorship at the publishing house. Has twins.

Builds home for the family in Dalkey, he goes into business on his own.

Business goes wallop. Loses the house.

Works various job applications.
Telesales marketing jobs for a while. Loses them all.
Wonder why.
Lives at home, for a while, with his mother Moo and dad - The Great J.P

Starts up a new business in project management and a new business in publishing religious publications.
Rents a home for the family.
Becomes a Minister of The Eucharist at the behest of a local parish priest who eventually betrays him. Happy votes onto the local parish council by private proxy vote.

Happy receives a phone call from a solicitor/director about a new client of one of  Happy's companies, There is a problem. Too late. He is caught up in a sting. Someone is trying to set Happy up to be fraudulent. Wonder who? Landlord evicts the family. Wonder why. Wonder no more.  A State conspiracy unfolds. Happy becomes the subject of an Incitement to Hatred at the hands of An Garda Síochana.

A sting brings about the collapse of  Happy's  companies.
House Rented. He gets framed, charged and sentenced. A short while later he is allowed an appeal to the Supreme Court, He wins the appeal and a case against An Garda Síochana - the Irish police force - Ireland and The Attorney General who are found guilty of false arrest, unlawful conviction and false imprisonment. The local parish priest, a blow in, Father Desmond Forristal of Dalkey, County Dublin ejects Happy from his Ministry with help from members of An Garda Síochana and Bill Lewis of Saint Vincent de Paul no less.
Fr. Shán Malone protests at Happy's treatment and is reprimanded by the parish priest for doing so, Fr. Shán insists Happy continues with his Eucharistic Ministry.
Happy gets a job as administrator for the State sponsored charity Island Trust. Jesuit priest Dermot Ó Peicín, the charity CEO breaks the Sacred Seal of Confession and betrays Happy by providing inquisitive members of An Garda Síochana with sensitive personal information about Happy's personal life conveyed under the Seal of Confession.
House Rented
He becomes a helicopter pilot.
He loses his high profile job at Island Trust . Wonder why.
Landlord evicts the family.
Suicide attempt number one.

Starts up a new company in project management.
He becomes a victim of 'the client' a  Garda acquaintance, who physically assaults Happy in his office.
Another house is rented for the family.
Happy's legal team becomes embroiled in a conspiracy controversy.
Happy is near-fatally injured in a car crash which rendered him in a wheelchair. Soon Happy gets up and walks despite having a broken and crushed C5/C6 vertebrae.
Landlord evicts the family.

Another house rented.
While recuperating and trying to deal with being told he will remain invalid for the rest of his life, local parish priest Forristal refuses to help Happy on grounds of information the priest hears per a Seal of Confession by two members of  An Garda Síochana and two parishioners. At least, that is what the parish priest said to Happy.
Landlord evicts the family.
Happy has a crisis of Faith.
Suicide attempt number two.

The accident will bring about the introduction of N.E.E.M.S in Ireland. The company Air Ambulance Services Limited is formed. Happy receives a telephone call on behalf of Steven Spielberg. 
Air Ambulance is the medivac for Tom Hanks who is working on Saving Private Ryan in Ireland.
Renting another house.

Happy becomes one of Ireland’s first cardiac emergency medical technicians (EMT) recognised by the Irish Department Department of Health. Happy comes heavily credentialed from the ranks of Northeastern University Boston Massacheuttes per The O Brien Institute, Marino Dublin Ireland and The Dublin Fire Brigade.
The MediCar is invented. Multi Million Pound deal is struck with a prestigious European motor car manufacturer
Another House rented.
Graduation from Northeastern University of Boston Massachusetts per Dublin Firebrigade, O'Brien Institute Dublin Campus Marino Dublin.
Landlord evicts the family after a visit from a member of An Garda Síochana.
Gardaí visits O'Brien Institute and all sponsors of Air Ambulance. Despite a Ministerial Directive for Dun Laoghaire Harbour  Company to assist Happy with Air Ambulance. The Harbour Company renagues on an Agreement to provide an Air Ambulance  MediCar base in Dun Laoghaire. Happy goes legal.

After "pestering from members of An Garda Síochana the car company pulls the plug. Air Ambulance sues for breach of contract.

The judge in that  case will rule that it is up to Murray and Air Ambulance to seek redress from An Garda Síochana , Ireland and The Attorney General. Suicide attempt number three.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Vision May 2000.
Happy heads for Midlands to get Planning Permission for the MediCentre.  He is pulled over on his way to the Midlands and told by An Garda Síochana "See you at HappyAcres."
Rents a house in the Midlands. Our Lady of Guadalupe MediCentre plans is on the board. Movies and books on the table.

The famous Irish architect - 'God's Architect' Louis M. Peppard lodges a successful Planning Application for Our Lady of Guadalupe  MediCentre.
Solicitor (now judge) represents Happy in a case against the State. It is a case that will provide evidence of an Incitement to Hatred Campaign aimed directly at Happy by An Garda Síochana ...since 1993.

Judge sides with the State. The case also goes to Europe. Consolidated cases against the State lodged in the High Court. The Plaintiff areDónall- Happy Murray and Air Ambulance v An Garda Síochana, Ireland and The Attorney General.
Happy's health is in serious decline.
MediCentre landowner contacts Happy to say they are refusing to allow construction of any medical facility on the proposed site despite a £1.2 million agreement...
which was increased to £3 Million by the landowner before the landowner telephoned Happy as Happy was on the way to  Athlone to the landowners' solicitors office by prior appointment, Happy had the deposit with him.
The landowner  says "We heard all about you."
 Some weeks later a planning application is received by Longford County Council for a nursing home on the same site.
Happy's solicitor suggests legal proceedings against the landowner, having consulted with God's architect, it was decided to concentrate on finding an alternative site,
Alternative site sourced.
That landowner tries to cut The Happy Murray Foundation out of negotiations with the private health insurance company Happy had secured for the MediCentre.
That health insurance provider distances itself from Happy as a direct result of the contact from the second landowner...before the health insurance provider sold itself off to another company.
Happy goes legal with the Estate Agent over the introduction to the second landowner.
Happy diagnosed with colonic cancer.
When the surgeon goes to operate it had disappeared..
An unusual visitor arrives at  HappyAcres late one Sunday night. Happy turns down a cheque being offered him a multi-million Euro personal payoff if he sells the MediCentre Plans to a famous construction company owner who wants to build the MediCentre in Dublin. Happy refuses to sell.

Happy predicts the investors and the banks for the MediCentre
are going to go bust. He is ridiculed for his 'off the wall'  insight.
The State cases are heating up.
Happy becomes a Pastor having attended Saint Angelas College in Sligo and Galway University.

The Irish banks do go spectacularly burst as did the investors to the MediCentre.
Happy concentrates on writing alongside prosecuting the State in a high profile High Court and Supreme Court case - which is also in Europe.

Evidence of a conspiracy against Happy emerges. A Garda crumbles under cross-examination in the High Court. GSOC is investigating the particular Garda in the case.  Eight more Gardaí are added to the investigation.
Operations Director of GSOC Paul Buschini advises Happy in writing that there is an effort by Gardaí to prevent the investigation proceeding  but that "in light of your concerns we  [GSOC] will continue with the investigation  but  has limited  resources with which to do so.''
Happy tries to obtain a copy of the file. GSOC loses the file. They continue to refuse to answer phone calls, letters, emails or any contact whatsoever.
Minister for Justice writes to Happy to say they will investigate certain members of An Garda Sípchana when proceedings against them have concluded in the High Court and Supreme Court,
Happy's health continues to worsen.

The lawyer representing Happy is politically appointed to the bar, becoming a judge himself. Happy's Senior Council was barred from representing Happy. Happy appeals this. In the meantime, his case - and the case of Air Ambulance, against the State is in limbo as Happy cannot get anyone to take on the cases.
Happy cannot use his old barrister even as a Mckenzie Friend.

Happy's lawyer is politically appointed a judge.
Happy becomes a successful Lay Litigant Pro Se and goes after the Garda and his colleagues responsible from the start.
However, Happy's health is at an all-time low. In September, for not getting professional medical help, he is kicked out of the house he called HappyAcres, by his companion. Leaving the place he called home behind him Happy heads to the West of Ireland where he receives all the medical attention he needs.

Renting another house.
Living alone. Happy weights just under ten stone.
Despite ailing health conditions Happy pulls out the architect's plans for the MediCentre. Happy is ill.
Then... another Miracle.
A  Christmas Miracle and Happy has a new lease of life.

The Garda whistle-blowing crisis is thickening.
March 18th Destiny calls.
Motoring into good health.
Film Material. Lead Investor. Plans for movies studios.
A book is on the cards. Hospital. Bad news. Spine Disease.

A new fiancé. A daughter is born. Films material. Studios plans up a notch. Book draft. for Victims Victorious .. Being Happy.

Full steam ahead with studios. Announcement due
August end. Lead Investor's life cut short tragically passes away in Spain.
Back to the drawing board.
Sympathetic landlord. Long lease with option to buy.
Future prospects are looking good so long as IRISH TV remains a future anchor tenant for whatever building ThinkTwice Films DAC Studios will be in.
State assistance in light of IRISH TV.
State assistance pulls out as IRISH TV goes burst and belly up! An
Bafta® Award-winning film producer and director establishes contact with Happy and agrees to do the trilogy of movies and is interested in advancing with a future professional relationship with Happy.
December, Happy's best friend tries to commit suicide. The death of the company lead investor, the demise of Irish TV ... all this pushes Happy into revisiting The Mission.

Upon deep reflection and much prayer, after over twenty-three years of harassment and character assassination at the hands of the Irish police force, and despite being the subject and plaintiff of Ireland 's first ever Incitement to Hatred case being played out in the High Court and Supreme Court - Happy forgives the Defendants.

April 2017
Friday April 7th. 15:20hrs  In Castlebar Mayo General Hospital at a scheduled MRI of Happy's spine and brain, the eminent surgeon Paul O'Grady discovers that Happy has a Chronic-B Type dissection of the aorta and rushes Happy by ambulance to ICU in Galway University Hospital. Happy credits eminent cardiovascular surgeon Professor S. Walsh for saving his life.
Convinced that Jesus heals, on Holy Thursday April 13th 2017 Happy walks out of the hospital thanking Our Lady of Guadalupe for her kind intercession.

December 2017
Happy announces that he is going to do The Dublin City Marathon in 2018. He also announces that he`s going to reignite N.E.E.M.S as of Tuesday December 12th 2017 - The Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe

The Foundation's Year of The Vision.

Happy Murray polishing the DH Murray trilogy while writing  Victims Victorious ... Being Happy the autobiographical precursor.
Potential investors for Think Twice Films DAC are high on the agenda.

He is a Pastoral Theologian, a Spiritual Director,  an author,  screenwriter, script-writer, producer and director.
He is president of The Happy Murray Foundation, Think Twice Films DAC,  founded and owns Air Ambulance Services and is also the founder of N.E.E.M.S®© in Ireland, MediCar®© and MediCab®©.

Happy owns the Business Name Our Lady of Guadalupe MediCentre.
All these positions are entirely voluntary and conducted in a Christian philanthropic manner.
Happy, who has been disabled since 1995, lives in Westport, Ireland with his new family.

Message from Happy...

Greetings to you all in The Name of Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe,
the Patroness of the Sick and the unborn.

And to all those who thought I had disappeared !!!

It is one thing praying overnight over something but I have prayed for twelve years over whether or not, or even how, I could begin to tell you all what happened.

In fact, what was happening to me in the lead up to, during and subsequent to receiving planning permission for the 8th Wonder of The World - when I did write about it, it became the subject matter of an independent trilogy of books and independent movies. Now we have a precursor on the way. Victims Victorious...       Being Happy.

I do not, nor have I ever, wished for anything other than the very best for my fellow man.
Everyone needs to know what happened and, more importantly, when the MediCentre is going to get constructed.
Then there is the matter of Air Ambulance and MediCar. There is a lot to tell.

In February 2018, details of what happened and what is going to happen next will be featured here.

May Almighty God Bless you and watch over you always.

          Assuring You All of My Utmost Goodwill and Intentions at All Times.