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Think Twice Films DAC

Below here is the new logo for Think Twice Films DAC.
Production Office, 'Skyfall', Derryribbeen, Westport, County Mayo, Ireland.+ 353 98 50 004
Studios Office +353 094 9302 007

Think Twice Films DAC is the Foundations's marketing and finance machine. It was originally named Justice Films. Company president Happy Murray, at present, writes exclusively for the company which will bring about the attention needed to independently make the necessary finance to build Our Lady of Guadalupe MediCentre through the medium of film and movie making.

The company has so far secured the rights to a trilogy of thriller movies and a number of documentaries. Details of these will appear on the company's website in 2018.
By June 2018 The new cpompany goes live with it's own website highlighting what the company will be doing. Plans for Think Twice  Films Movie Studios were halted after the untimely passing of the company's lead investor and the demise of anchor tenant Irish TV. This hiatus was extended when the company president was hospitalised in 2017.

ABOUT The Trilogy

In May 2010 a twenty five year old conspiracy against one man was proven in an Irish High Court. The conspiracy, endorsed by the Roman Catholic Church,  became Ireland's first ever Incitement to Hatred case at the hands of An Garda Síochana. A prominent High Court Judge remarked on the case:

" This is is the worst case involving An Garda Síochana I have ever seen come before me [the High Court].
This could bring down the present day government and The Four Courts with it."
 - High Court Judge Seán Ryan

                It did. Then along  came Garda whistle-blowers

This is the true story of what happened, how it happened and who exactly was behind the conspiracy and an incitement to hatred. And why. The films are a verbatim account of events and not merely films based on occurrences.

Victims of an Attitude®©*
'What if... actually happens'®©

Arthur Thompson is innocent. He just has a hard time trying to prove it.
Sometimes you might have to call the Gardaí (the Irish police force) for help as a matter of life and death. What do you do when the Gardaí are the problem in the first place? It is not unusual for members of the Irish police force to boast of how they can make life hell for people.(2019) (105mins)

Think Twice Films DAC Production
The D.H. Murray True-Life trilogy

The Devil's Deity®©*
'What if... actually happens' ®©

The lead up to and including the dramatic High Court case that leads to officers of the State,
under cross-examination and under pressure, admitting that they 'hated' the plaintiff and wanted Arthur Thompson 'taken out'.
Who exactly is behind the conspiracy and Incitement to Hatred comes to light in this second instalment of the trilogy
The fall-out of the case worsens the already impacted plight of the Church and State victims... and the plaintiff. (2020)

Think Twice Films DAC Production
The D.H. Murray True-Life trilogy

Victims of a Circumstance®©*
'What if... actually happens' ®©

The concluding instalment of the disturbing DH Murray True-Life Trilogy.
Now entirely exposed, the Justice Minister resigns as does the Garda Commissioner.
There is sweeping change in Government and there are Garda whistle-blowers everywhere forcing every new minister to resign.
Unable to get legal representation Arthur Thompson becomes a Lay Litigant Pro Se and takes on the antagonists in a civil case against the Garda officers involved. (2021)
(108 mins)

Think Twice Films DAC Production
The D.H. Murray True-Life trilogy

                                                      *The names of some of the people and places have changed.

               Also in the pipeline...

Eve and Her Son  Adam... a Documentary ®©
The Happy Murray documentary that shapes 'the opinion' we are spirit in a human body and not the other way round as some people think. For those who do not believe in the spiritual dimension he provides food for thought.
(50 mins)

You can contact Think Twice Films DAC by emailing  DHMurray.ThinkTwiceFilms@gmail.com